Terms and Conditions

All transactions are subject to the Company's Standard Trading Conditions (copy is available upon request from the company and can be downloaded from this web site), which in certain circumstances, limit or exempt the Company's liability.

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Where goods or documents are delivered to and accepted by the Agent before acceptance of the Customer's instruction, no liability whatsoever for such goods or documents will be accepted by the Agent. If, however, the Agent is held to be liable, all the provisions of limitation of liabilities specified in the conditions of contract will apply. The customer shall reimburse the Agent with all expenses and costs incurred and will indemnify the Agent for all losses and liabilities howsoever caused. We are not responsible for any cargo being shut out after official C.F.S. closing time. All goods stored in our godown (whether under cover, temporary covered area or in an external open area) must be insured by the customer against fire, water, theft and damage. Insurance is not arranged by us. All transactions are subjects to the standard trading terms and conditions of the company and copy could be obtained subject to your written request or downloaded from our web site (www.seaairlogistics.com).


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