ULD Build-Up

ULD build-up at Sea-Air Logistics is taken very seriously with special emphasise on protecting: The ULD build-up requires special skills as the inside of an aircraft is the shape of a cylinder and to maximise the space inside the aircraft, different styles of ULD are required to be used.
Once the ULD build-up has been completed, we then apply our own SAL security seals.

On average, throughout a year, we build-up over 13 ULDs per day.

ULD break-down for import shipments is also very important and the company has an office at HACTL to be on-hand and to supervise the break-down of import ULDs at the airport 24 hours a day, seven days a week; we have agreements with all of the major airlines to take delivery of the full ULDs and hence removal from the airport to our warehouse.
At our warehouse, we can then unload the ULD in a controlled environment.

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