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Incoterms - DAF

DAF (Delivered At Frontier) is a monomodal (land) expression which should be further qualified by naming the frontier (border post) up to which the seller is prepared to take responsibility for transport costs and the corresponding risks of transit.

The frontier is deemed to be on the seller's side of the applicable border unless the term is modified to express that the point of transfer is the frontier on the buyer's side of the border.

The seller must clear the cargo through customs on the export side of the border of handover, whereas the buyer must clear the goods through customs on the import side.

Because the Frontier falls on the seller's side of the border, DAF can vary from other D terms in that the seller may not be responsible for all or even a part of the main carriage. For example, if the transit involved the movement of cargo through several frontiers, the seller may pass risk and responsibility at the first of these, obligating the buyer to arrange the main carriage thereafter.

As a land term the application of DAF is for land-based operations and other D terms such as DDU or DDP should be considered if the transaction is not land-based. (I.e. it is not exclusively road or rail or a road/rail combination).


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